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Policies and Procedures

Appeal Policy and Procedures

Appeal Policy and Procedures
All candidates are to be informed that an appeals procedure relating to the internal assessment process exists within the Centre. A copy of this procedure will be made available on request. Candidates may only appeal on the grounds that they do not agree with the assessment decision made by the Assessor or that the assessment procedures have not been carried out properly. The Centre Manager will manage any internal appeals, including the dissemination of information about the procedures.

A written record of all appeals is maintained by the Centre. The written record includes the outcome of an appeal and reasons for that outcome. Full details of any appeal will be made available to the awarding body on request. A copy of the outcome will be sent to the candidate.


Preparation Stage

  • plans for collecting the evidence are not within the assessment plan
  • the assessment plan had not been discussed by the candidate and assessor
  • the interpretation of the standards had not been discussed by the candidate and the assessor before the assessment

Gathering Evidence Stage

  • the Assessor intervened in the gathering of evidence, other than on grounds of health and safety or malpractice
  • the Assessor used evidence not required for meeting the standards during the assessment process
  • arrangements to meet the candidate’s individual needs, as agreed, were not met

Feedback Stage

  • feedback is not given according to the assessment agreement
  • in the event of being deemed ‘not yet competent’ the candidate is not informed, verbally or in writing, of the further evidence required
  • the assessor’s assessment decision is based on inadequately recorded evidence.  


If a candidate considers that they have grounds for appeal they should:

Contact their assessor expressing their concerns and the reasons why they wish to appeal.

  • A meeting will be arranged within 14 working days with the candidate, assessor and Centre Manager.
  • The candidate is entitled to be accompanied by a supporter at this meeting.
  • Minutes will be taken at the meeting and signed and dated by all parties.
  • If the concerns cannot be resolved at this meeting and the candidate still considers they have a legitimate case for appeal, the Director of Studies must be notified in writing.
  • The Director of Studies shall refer the case to the Institution’s Management Committee and a meeting will be organised with the candidate, assessor and a representative from the Management Committee within 21 days of receiving the notification of appeal. The appeal will be considered after receiving written/verbal evidence from the candidate and Assessor (and The Director of Studies if appropriate).
  • The candidate is entitled to bring a supporter to this meeting.
  • Appeals will include a review of the procedures used by the Centre to award marks for internal assessments and consideration will be given as to whether those procedures conform to the published requirements of the awarding body and the Code of Practice.
  • The centre contact will notify the delegate in writing of the decision.
  • Learners have the right to appeal to the Qualification Regulator directly, if they are not happy with the outcome of the appeal.

If the appeal is upheld:

The Assessor shall be invited to reconsider the original assessment process. Provision shall be made for the candidate to be assessed again. If, once the Assessment Appeals procedure has been completed, the candidate continues to be dissatisfied, they have the right to contact the awarding body directly. All candidates will have access to:

  • the marks awarded to them by the centre for an internal assessment
  • all comments recorded by the centre relating to their internally assessed work
  • any correspondence between the centre and the awarding body relating to their internally assessed work
  • information, if available at the time of the appeal, as to whether their work was sampled by the awarding body.
  • the moderated mark given to the work by awarding body, if known
  • relevant awarding body procedures for the conduct of internal assessments

The Centre undertakes to inform the awarding body of any outcome from an appeal which has implications for the conduct of the examination or the issue of results at the centre.