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Course Duration: 5 days

Qualification Needed:

Minimum Age:


As per Home Office (UKVI) guidelines, it is mandatory for all applicants who are applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain or Permanent Residence / Naturalisation or British Passport to demonstrate their knowledge of Language (KoL) and pass the “Life in the UK” test. In order to obtain the “Life in the UK”, applicants need to pass the (multiple choice questions) online test. In order to fulfil the requirement of Knowledge of Language, applicants need to obtain an (ESOL) at or above Entry level 3/ B1 CEFR, which is regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual).

 You will need to:

  • pass the Life in the UK test; and
  • have a speaking and listening qualification in English Entry level 3/ B1 CEFR or higher, or its equivalent

Saxon Academy of Learning provides extensive in-depth training in order to prepare you to take the “Life in the UK” test.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the course about?

This course will prepare the learner to take the latest official Life in the UK test. The classes are very interactive with extensive in-depth training provided. Revisions and mock tests are also conducted, so that the learner can feel confident about the subject.

Who is this course for?

This course is for those candidates who would like to pass Life in the UK” test in order to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain or Permanent Residence / Naturalisation or British Passport. The student must have English language knowledge equivalent to Entry level 3/ B1 CEFR.

What is the duration of the course?

The duration of the course is 5 days (Monday-Saturday) for 2 hours each day (9:30 A.M to 11:30 A.M). Days and time can be flexible as per the requirement of the learner and the availability of the trainer.

What is the fees for the course?

The Fees for the course is £250.

Do you help students to book the test?

Yes, we can help the students to book the test. 

Can I cancel or change the date of my preparation?

If you cancel your preparation class at least 7 working days before the course begins, we will refund your fee minus £50 administrative charges.

You can also change your start date at least 7 working days before your actual class begins at no extra cost.

If the cancellation or changes are been made within 7 working days, then there will be no refunds given.

What are the chapters covered in the preparation classes?

The following chapters are covered in the preparation classes:

Chapter 1 – The Values and Principles of the UK 

Chapter 2- What is the UK? 

Chapter 3 – A long and illustrious history 

  • Section 1- Early Britain
  • Section 2- The Middles Ages
  • Section 3- The Tudors and Stuarts
  • Section 4- A global power
  • Section 5- The 20th Century
  • Section 6- Britain since 1945

Chapter 4 – A modern, thriving society 

  • Section 1- The UK today
  • Section 2- Religion
  • Section 3- Customs and traditions
  • Section 4- Sport
  • Section 5- Arts and culture
  • Section 6- Leisure
  • Section 7- Places of Interest

Chapter 5 – The UK government, the law and your role 

  • Section 1- The development of British democracy
  • Section 2- The British constitution
  • Section 3- The government
  • Section 4- The UK and international organisations
  • Section 5- Respecting the law
  • Section 6- Fundamental principles
  • Section 7- Your role in the community




STARTS: 01/09/2022

FEE: 300.00

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